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About Us

E  E is a great British energy supplier. We ensure everything is simple and straightforward.

Our focus is on keeping costs down so you pay less. E is all about saving money.

We want our customers to remain with us because they want to, not because they have to. We don’t penalise customers for leaving with a termination charge.

Our customers can top up at any Paypoint and Payzone for electricity and Paypoint, Payzone and Post Office for your gas.

We offer our customers emergency credit and for that extra peace of mind ‘friendly credit’ hours during evenings and weekends.

We know our customers are worried about rising energy costs, so we offer you peace of mind by freezing your prices for 12 months at no extra charge.

We will never penalise you for leaving with
an exit or termination fee.

Customer Service Excellence

  • Your call is our priority, we answer your call within seconds, not minutes.
  • Our 0333 number is ‘mobile phone friendly’. NOT a National or Premium rate phone number.
  • Our Call Centre is 100% UK based.
  • We are NOT robots, we are real people. Our friendly customer services team are here to help you.
  • To view our ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ statement click here